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Research Paper


What topic in General Psychology would you like to investigate in more depth? Please select a topic in an area of interest, and prepare a paper. The paper is to be developed in the following ways: 


You will need to conduct a review of the published research literature and write a concise summary and evaluation of the research that is related to your area of interest. The review should contain a description of information with research citations related to the topic of interest. You will need to include the identification of any theoretical conflicts or controversies related to the topic; also any needs or questions for further research should be addressed.  


All paper topics must be approved by the instructor. By the end of Module 4, you must send a Blackboard message to the instructor indicating the selected topic. The instructor will reply either approving the topic or providing suggestions for topic revision.


All completed papers must be in APA format. The complete paper should contain a minimum of eight pages of content – that is, eight full pages of written text, not including title page or reference pages. An abstract should not be included, and will not count toward the length requirement. The paper should have a minimum of eight scientifically recognized references (consult the online library research data bases). The paper should be double-spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman or Calbri font. In addition to the content pages, there should be a title page at the beginning of the paper containing the title of your paper, your name, the course number and name, and the term and year. Text should begin on the next page. Your paper should have a 1.25-inch margin all around the text. 

The grade for the paper is worth 100 points and will be based upon the thoroughness, accuracy, and insightfulness of the coverage of the topic, correct usage of the APA format, correct spelling and grammar, and correct sentence and paragraph format. ALWAYS spell check your paper, and be sure to follow all instructions! Failure to follow the basic assignment instructions (page length, in-text citations, number of sources) is the single most common reason students fail this assignment. If you do not use in-text citations you will be seriously penalized in both the research and coverage components of your grade. This is because in-text citations tell me how broadly and deeply you have researched your topic; if you do not use in-text citations, then I cannot tell if you drew mostly from one or two sources or broadly from a wide array.

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