The Benefits Of Active-Culture Yogurt


Problem: Is homemade probiotic yogurt healthier than standard yogurt?


Manipulative Variable (Independent Variable):

The amount of bacteria , procedure, and time.

Responding Variable ( Dependent Variable): The factors, amount, measurements, and time.


Control: Yogurt, and materials used during the experiment.


Quantitative Measurement:  Regular bowel movement.


Experiment Plan: We are going to buy supplies from a local store such as  milk (lowfat or nonfat), beakers, a thermometer, Ineubator 43`3, one pan, and a starter culture or plain yogurt.


Possible Outcome: If I put active-culture yogurt and homemade yogurt together, then the homemade yogurt will have more health benefits than standard yogurt.


Posible Reason: A possible reason will be because by adding active bacteria there will be an increase in health benefits due to there is a positive correlation between a live culture and a healthy digestive system.


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