Properties of Ethically Sound Psychological Assessment



Assessment in psychological research and practice is fraught with ethical issues. Psychology professionals must be well-versed in the legal, cultural, and social-emotional implications of the assessment instruments they choose and the assessment practices they use.


Consider the assessment and data collection approaches available for a topic you may want to study (e.g., interviews, paper-and-pencil assessments, surveys, online questionnaires, observation methods).


Research at least two articles from credible online sources on possible assessment instruments and practices that relate to your chosen topic.


Use 250 words to describe an assessment that you might use in your research. Describe


1)Two ethical issues that might be most relevant to the assessment and data collection approaches you are considering for your study, and explain why.


2) Based on these issues, explain properties that might affect the ethical soundness of assessment instruments and practices used in your study.


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