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Serious offers apply only


This is very important:  if you do not have experience in Computer science, Information Technology and Information Systems Security, Finance and HR project management please do not apply.


The cost is non-negotiable and if you try to increase the amount or do not provide a quality product I want a refund the next day. 


The max down payment is 45.00 and nothing more.  This is for you not to apply because I cannot afford anything higher so it would not be worth your time to try.   I am being honest and upfront.  This would make this partnership better in the future.  I have at least 5 more semesters to go and I need someone who is ready to make a partnership.  I can do some of the work however it can be overwhelming.  I need a good partner – no games and a thorough knowledge of the assignment and field of study.


 I have provided the entire outline, figure list and system diagrams I want to use to include a paper I did before - I got a B on it – so I can do the work, but time and the amount of work for a full time student, full time worker and disabled vet can be a bit for me (some brain trauma).


Attachments is the NEC - already started proposal, an old project I completed and the forms and the way the set up should be similiar (serves as a template), this one will have to be redone for an A and it will be my capstone - so it can be started as early as Augusts. (when I have the money).  The last one is a resource I found on line with some good templates that can be used for the project.  

I hope I do not have to explain anymore about this project.  I need to do a handshake today. Now I have been honest so please I have no more time to waste.

The scope is to prepare a project proposal for the NEC IT department to track all employees training and certification.  The excel spreadsheet needs to be created and the details in making and using the workbook needs to be describe in every detail.  The training that needs to be recorded is what all IT professionals need to have to work their position. I have added an organization chart already on all employees that need a training record.  The HR has an access database on the employees that need to be imported into an excel workbook.  The excel workbook needs to perform as a workflow in the company intranet using share point.  IT must show the training and certification courses required, the name of the employees, the last date they completed the course and the due date for the next time they must complete the course.  If there can be an alert email sent to each employee 30 days prior automatically that would be good too.  Also, there is a way when the employees complete the training a certificate of completion is sent directly to Ms. Charlene Stroud in the IT and Programming Department (see the organization chart.)


Type of training required for each member based on position (read the organization chart) the positons are self explanatory:


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