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The importance of a graphical user interface in programming is paramount in being successful in the business industry. This project incorporates GUI techniques with other tools that you have learned about in this class.

Here is your assignment: You work for a Landscape architect. They have asked you to be a part of their team as they need a computer programmer, analyst, and designer to aid them in calculating engineering specification. Specifically, you have been assigned to the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas section of their landscaping team. Your skills will be needed in creating a GUI program that calculates engineering specifications.

This assignment is due in Week 7, but it is suggested that you begin working on the project in Week 5, which should give you ample time to complete the project. You will find that all the lectures, Quick Test Programs, and Lab assignments will prepare you for the Course Project.

Analysis and Design (Due Week 4)

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In Week 4, you will complete the analysis and design for the project. You will use the information described in the required reading to create the Analysis and Design documentation. You will create the following items.

  1. Request for New Application
  2. Problem Analysis
  3. List and Description of the Requirements
  4. Interface Storyboard/Drawing
  5. Design Flowchart or Pseudocode

The Analysis and Design document will be a single MS Word document, which contains all descriptions and drawings. See the grading rubric below for the Analysis and Design document, due in Week 4.




Request for New Application


A table containing: date of the request, name of the requester, the purpose of the request, the title of the application, brief description of the algorithms used in the application, notes about the request, and finally, the approval section.

Problem Analysis


Analyze the problem to be solved and write in a few words what is the problem and what is being proposed to solve the problem.

List and Description of Requirements


A description of the items that will be implemented in order to construct the proposed solution.

Interface Storyboard / Drawing


A picture or drawing of what the application will look like; must include the image of each section of the application in detail.

Design Flowchart or Pseudocode


A sketch of the flow of the application or the pseudocode of the application.





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