Program Learning Outcomes


10 pages


Introduction- ½  page- explain what you are doing and how your redesigns contain PLO changes as well as why this is important.  How does this show a paradigm “shift” to Common Core)


(next 9 pages- one page per PLO)


1. Rank the nine PLOs in order of importance

a. Tell why it has that ranking (there is no “right” answer, you just need to justify it.  Using support from the literature is a good idea!)

b. What is its value to you?  (your environment and position)

c. How do you use it in your work setting? if you don’t use it, how might you in the future


Conclusion- ½ page Explain the Challenges/Solutions in your redesigns for this class.  What did you learn about change? flexibility? Thinking out of the box? Differentiation? Technology? Collaboration? Etc.


Reference Page (at least 3 besides the text so four for proficient, and more for distinguished.  Please use them in your paper and use APA)

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