The problem is not that people remember through photographs but that they remember only photographs. Thi s remembering through photographs eclipses other forms of understanding and remembering. Harrowing photographs do not inevitably lose their power to dhock. But they are not much help if the task is to understand.

Photographs do somthing else they hunt as.


Discuss the implications of Susan Sontag's claim for contemprory politics and humanitarian organization.


The article that Susan Sontag wrote is called "Regarding the pain of others"


Please when writing do mention Foucault,  Bourdieu and Jean Baudrillard

as well as mention some CONTEMPRORY politics like Syrain, Lebanon, Iraq and Palastine

When wriritng the research please do insert quotations betyween quotation marks with the authors and page number and refrences/ works cited at the end


the paper should be 3500 words without the last page which is the refrences


The format should be MLA style


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