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  1. Customers complain for different reasons. The most common reason is because their expectations are not met. Dissatisfied customers can do more than ruin a CSR’s day: they can also steer prospective customers away from the company. In the following exercise, consider a time when you were a dissatisfied customer.  Write a minimum of one paragraph for each topic.
    • As a customer, describe two complaints have you had in the past six months regarding a company you’ve purchased from. If you have not had a bad purchase experience in the past six months, you may create a potential scenario or use that of a friend or family member.
    • Did you handle these complaints by contacting the company? Why or why not?
    • How can a customer service representative learn from the complaints you described above?
  2. Next, customer service representatives are a company’s front line of communication, and the quality of their communication greatly affects customer retention. Review the Case Study titled “Project 6.5 Resolving Complaints” on page 105 and answer each question. Write a minimum of one paragraph for each topic.

Your final submission should be 1-2 pages


Reading and questions


Melissa Devlin, the manager of Baby’s Little Store, overheard an angry customer yelling at a sales associate. It was obvious that Keanna, her new sales associate, was in a tight spot with a customer. As the situation revealed itself, this new mother had recently bought a baby mattress for her newborn and was very dissatisfied with the quality of the product after using it only a short time. She felt the mattress was made with unsafe materials and was concerned for her baby’s health and safety. When the customer said she wanted her money back, Keanna said nicely, “I will have to check with the store manager to see if we can take back this used mattress for a full refund or not.” At that point, the customer lost her temper and said, “What is the issue? Why do you have to check at all?”
1. Evaluate the manner in which Keanna handled the situation. What did she do well in the customer situation and what are some errors she inadvertently made?
2. What suggestions could you make to this problem-solving approach, so that future dilemmas of this type have a more customer-oriented and positive solution?
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