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Unit III PowerPoint Presentation



Choose one major economic act enforced against the colonies by the British Crown prior to war, and cover the following:



 Describe the role, reason, and impact of the act on the colonies.


 Identify the arguments for/against the act by persons in the colonies.

Identify major actions by the colonies in reaction to your selected act.



 How did this act increase or decrease fears of an overbearing central government?


 What was the nature of the colonial government under crown authority?

Answer and defend your perspective on the following: "Was this particular act an inevitable catalyst for the eventual war?"




Your presentation should meet the following requirements:


 must have a minimum of 12 slides, not including title or reference slides;


 must have a maximum six pictures total—focus needs to be on content;



must include a title page identifying your chosen act;


must include at least one selection from a CSU Online Library database, such as the American History and Life database that is used as research of the event and views of the time; and


must include citations throughout, and a reference page at the end identifying any sources used per 6th edition APA format.








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