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In the first few pages of his play Shepard reminds us that,


Everybody sings the blues sometime.  And everybody knows the tune.


– Merle Haggard


We can all agree that music is an extraordinarily evocative way to gain someone's attention, recreate a mood or feeling, grieve, celebrate, etc. Think about when you're driving in your car an a song comes on from High School... you remember exactly where you were or who you were with and probably even what you were doing, wearing, etc. Like a smell, it is a very powerful way to respark a memory or feeling. My mother often will hear an OLD song and remember these very things from even 50 years ago! I have no doubt we will all be the same someday. Movie soundtracks are often my favorites types of (dare I say) albums because of this--and of course, the film's music or score (if originally composed) is an integral part of the final production and its moods, messages, and meanings. The same goes for theatre of course--it is part of the ever important mise-en-scene--creating yet another tier of meaning in all of the plays we will read and all of the plays that will be written and staged from here to eternity. 


If we were actually in a classroom together, for each of the plays I would have you compile a soundtrack that you find matches the characters and their rise and falls throughout the play. For example a student sent me the following link as inspired by his reading of "Medea"  -- This whole video could be inspiration for the mise-en-scene of a new-aged production of Euripides's tragic play.

So now, it's your turn ... for this discussion question explore the themes of Fool for Love via the two pieces of music called for in the stage directions:


How are they relevant to the story and characters? What 2 other songs might you have chosen to open and close this play, and why?

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