Future Format for Presentations for FIN 415

 Tyson's Food is the company I choose for the presentation 

Minimum Requirements for Stock Analysis:


1. Beta calculation using returns
2. DCF valuation / Good, Bad, Most likely case scenario
3. DCF valuation equaling growth needed for current valuation
4. Explanation of growth rate used
5. Comparison to other companies in terms of valuation (P/E multiples of competition or industry)
6. Financial Spread of company
7. Investment Thesis (Why we shouldbuy/sell the stock)
8. How does it make money
9. Recommendation in terms of number (1-5)


Things to turn in written form to the professor:


1. PPT slides
2. Any Excel Analysis


*Must email each student all of the following information the night before the presentation is made.


Grading of New Portfolio Firms for the Fund

1. Completeness of information
2. Correctness of information
3. Sensible reasoning and valuation
4. Solid investment thesis
5. Overall Quality
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