POV Template


Fill out the template only using my story 

Step 1. Choose a scene and the two characters to work with. The scene you choose could be one of you have already written or one that you are planning but haven't written yet. In either case, this exercise will help you sort through the decision about the best "point of view" for your story.

Step 2. Read the "Point of View" section in Chapter 2 of your textbook before you tackle this assignment.

Step 3. Write the scene from Character A’s point of view using first person.

Step 4. Write the same scene from Character B’s point of view using the third person.


Here is the story:

    There lived a family with two little girls in a small grey house. The family lived happily with their children who lived to enjoy every bit of their life since they could get provided with all that needed. Their happiness gets attributed to the love of their parents who could provide them with the basic needs such pairs of shoes, food and clothes. Also, they were provided with lots of toys.

    The two little girls decide to show little care or concern for most of the things their parents have acquired for them, especially the different types of toys. As a result, the two girls mess with the toys; an action that does not make the parents happy.  Climax

    The parents of the two girls who view the action or decision as not wise or failing to show appreciation for their efforts give the girls the option of cleaning up the mess or the mess or rather the broken toys would get sent to the garbage.

    Instead of listening to their dad’s instructions, the two little girls continue to play. The playing can make the mess worse, and their father warns them to stop the playing and instead clean the mess.

    Again, the girls do not seem to take heed of the instructions, and they do not accept to do as instructed. Consequently, the mess has to be cleared by any means possible and all the toys are packed in the garbage for delivery to the bump. The decision makes the girls unhappy but 

    The best way to avoid argument and not regret is to follow instructions and do what is required.

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