An agent recently provided me with a sample for assignment for writing code in C# for a checkbook organizer application. The next assignment is a continuation of the checkbook organizer. Can you assist? If need be I can send you the original zip file that was previously sent for the original assignment.




Attached is a screenshot of a sample of how the finished product should appear.


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The instructions for the continuation are below.




Extended Checkbook Organizer




A transaction is NOW defined as the following:


·         Date of Transaction


·         Transaction Number (Deposit) or Check Number/ATM Transaction Number (Check, Debit, ATM Withdrawal, etc.)


·         Transaction Amount


·         Transaction Type (Debit or Credit)


·         Transaction Description




Expand the Checkbook Organizer from Assignment #1 to include the expanded transaction definition provided above. Create a visual Transaction Register that allows the user to view the transactions. The user should be able to double click a specific transaction and view the following details in another window that can be closed with a button click:


·         Complete transaction information (see definition above)


·         Current Account Balance, Credit Total and Debit Total as they were at the time of that transaction. 




Include the same total tracking and navigation from Assignment #1. 




Assignment Requirements:


1.    Windows application that includes all requirements from Assignment #1 PLUS the expanded Transaction definition


2.    Provide a visual Transaction Register that provides an ongoing view of the transactions currently entered along with the Account Balance, Credit and Debit Totals.


3.    The user must be able to double click a single transaction in the register and view the Transaction details along with the Account, Credit and Debit balances as they were at the time of the transaction in a separate window.


4.    Navigation will be the same as Assignment #1, PLUS the user should be able to exit the Transaction Detail window by clicking a Close button. The User SHOULD NOT be allowed to access the parent form (Transaction Register and Data Entry Form) while the Transaction Detail window is being viewed.


5.    Provide detailed comments in the code explaining the process and methodology that you use.


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