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Find a recent poll or survey (find the full report with all the results and methodology information) conducted by a reputable organizations (i.e. Fox News; Washington Post; Elon University Poll; Pew; Gallup).  Pretend you are writing an article for the Las Vegas Review Journal. 1. Come up with a headline. 2. Summarize the methodology (national survey, statewide survey, etc.; dates conducted; sample size; margin of error; target population-adults, registered voters, likely voters, etc.; survey mode – telephone, cell phone, landline, internet, mixed). 3. Discuss the most important/interesting finding (e.g., Trump leading Clinton by 9 points). 4. Discuss how this finding is similar to or different from other polls conducted recently. 5. Discuss the second most interesting finding (e.g., 1% of African American likely voters say they will vote for Trump).  6. Wrap up the article with some context or information about the future (e.g., we are still three months away from the election and as prior elections have shown, poll results can swing in either direction). Length between 800 and 1000 words. [Hint: read some articles in the Washington Post or New York or LA Times and see what they sometimes say about polls]

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