Physics assignment


1) A man stands at the midpoint between two speakers that are broadcasting an amplified static hiss uniformly in all directions. The speakers are 32.7 m apart and the total power of the sound coming from each speaker is 0.545 W.

(a) Find the total sound intensity that the man hears when he is at his initial position halfway between the speakers.

(b) Find the total sound intensity that the man hears after he has walked 3.7 m directly toward one of the speakers.

2) When one person shouts at a football game, the sound intensity level at the center of the field is 62.2 dB. When all the people shout together, the intensity level increases to 105 dB. Assuming that each person generates the same sound intensity at the center of the field, how many people are at the game? 
Explain each steps in arriving at the solution.
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