Philosophy 101 - 4 pages assignment - No plagiarism!!


Phil 101 Writing Assignment 2.


Provide a reconstruction of Singer’s argument in the paper “Famine, Affluence, and Morality”.

To do this, you must successfully break his argument down into premises and conclusions.

The paper should be structured as follows.

I.                    Introduction (This should be extremely short-- a few sentences at most. Here you can introduce the author and the paper, and maybe give a quick summary about what he is talking about or who he is.

II.                  Argument (This is the meat of the paper.) Here you should reconstruct Singer’s argument in detail. This should include the primary argument and sub-arguments. Determine if and how each premise is supported. Do not evaluate during this portion, simply present the argument that Singer puts forward. (Singer's argument is much simpler than Frege's so this section won't be quite as long.)

III.   Evaluation (This section will be longer than the Frege paper) Here, I'd like you to provide an objection to Singer's argument. Then, consider a possible response. You may even respond to this response. We’ll talk a bit more about this in class.



-The final draft of the paper will be due Friday April 27th. I do not accept late papers.

-There will be no rewrites.

-Make sure that you cite Singer and any other sources properly. Many of you failed to do this for the first paper, and I let you slide/gave you assistance. All improperly cited papers from now on will receive a 0.

-The paper should be at most four pages. (12 pt. font double spaced) Longer papers will be graded down. Note that you should struggle to fit all the requisite information into four pages. This means that a paper significantly shorter than four pages is probably missing something important.



You may find outside sources useful, and you are encouraged to pursue them, just make sure they are properly cited.



Here is a rough guide for how your paper should be structured:

Section I- A short paragraph, no more than 1/3 of a page

Section II- 2 pages. Here’s where you present the argument and present justification for the premises. You may break this into two sections (reconstruction followed by premise justification) or go piece by piece (justify each premise after stating it). Either is acceptable.

Section III- about 1.5 pages. Here’s where you engage Singer’s argument. Propose a possible criticism and consider how Singer would respond. You may go on to attack his possible response (showing that this is not a successful avenue of defense for him.)


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