For Lab 28 – Complete the following questions for lab 28






                1.            Choose a metal and choose a wavelength that ejects electrons at a reasonable speed. Turn the light intensity up and down. Make note of the number of electrons ejected. Why does the number change? Explain, with reference to quantum theory.



                2.            Using this same wavelength and 100% intensity, change the flow of     electricity from the battery (at the bottom of the screen), making note of the change in charge at both ends of the electron chamber. Speculate as to why the flow of electrons is changed.



                3.            Reset the battery to zero, and turn on the electron energy vs. light frequency graph at the right of the screen. Play with light wavelength to generate data for the graph. Convert electron volts into joules, then calculate the slope of the line (be sure to use the exact values used in the graph). Explain why you obtained the value you did.




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