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i need apersonal satatment it should be 750 words with 0 % plagairsem




My name is Alwaleed Mohammed Abdulmohsin. I am from Saudi Arabia. I graduated from Dar Al-trbia Al-hadetha high school. I want to apply for Glendale community college. My interest in business. I want to start my own business, and I would apply my skills and determination to the business. My ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur and a positive role model for my family and friends. Since I am an international student, I have come to the United States as they have one of the best Educations in the World. I hope to take the experience back to my country.


To achieve what I want from my education, I have laid out my classes in a spreadsheet format and have carefully selected my classes, and I will take them seriously as they will come. This careful planning has helped me to visualize my goal further and help me in preparation of each session as it arrives. I will move forward with my education in business Marketing.


As with everything in life, there are bound to be obstacles and I am prepared to overcome them to accomplish my goal. My major degree will keep me abreast of changes in my career field and would help me establish myself as a qualified professional.


My education would give me a competitive advantage and I would be able to start my business really well. I would be prepared better for the challenges that I might face in my new business and my problem-solving approach would be more positive.









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