Patient Health and Standardized Representations 6 Dollars Only




APA Format

Approx 800 words


6 Book References

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Write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you build a multi-stage scenario that involves a patient who has been hospitalized with a particular diagnosis and that reflects—for each stage of the scenario (i.e., at each stage of the patient’s care)—the identification of an applicable health information standard.

First, explain what the patient’s diagnosis is and identify which system you would use to classify it, why you would use that particular system, and how that system would work to classify the diagnosis.

Second, specify a procedure or medication used to treat the patient, then identify what system you would use to describe that treatment and why.

Third, once the patient is ready to be discharged from the hospital, indicate whether that patient is fully recovered or needs follow-up care, then identify what data set standard or data interchange standard would be appropriate for use at this point in the process and why.

Lastly, explain how the use of health information standards contributed as part of an overall continuum to the delivery of patient care and, ultimately, to the improved health of the patient.

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