APA Paper Format Requirements for all Papers in this Class:

  • Paper should be in APA format - review sample APA paper and START HERE for assistance with APA
  • Cover Page (does not count towards 3 - 5 pages)
  • Table of Contents page (Does not count towards 3 - 5 pages)
  • Body of Paper 3 -5 pages in length
    • The topics listed in the Table of Contents should be the headers within the paper
  • Reference Page (does not count towards 3-5 pages)
    • References should not be older than 2011
    • Use at least 4 reputable sources. I must be able to verify sources or points will be lost.


  • A company will be assigned to you and this company will also be used for future assignments (see below for your assigned company)
  • Discuss the following in the body of the paper and use each of the bullets below for the Table of Contents page and headers in the paper:
    • Brief 1 paragraph introduction of your company and the products/services/solutions they offer
    • Company’s vision statement (if not listed write what you gleaned to be the company vision)
    • Company's mission statement (if not listed write what you gleaned to be the company mission) 
    • Define what a company strategy is
    • What is/are the companies strategies? Review the company website, press releases and news articles for this information. (Ex:  AT&T and Time Warner merger - AT&T's strategy is to expand into media in order to retain a competitive advantage in the market)
    • Does the company's strategy match their vision and mission statements?
    • Create a high level SWOT analysis of your company (Create your own analysis, use a template, and do not use one that has already been created. There are plenty of templates available online for you to choose from.)
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