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The first case that you are to review is New Jersey v. TLO, 469 U.S. 325 (1985),


You can find the case on or on the US Supreme Court website. Make sure that you are using one of these cites so that you get the actual case and not a case note or a case comment. You must have the proper page numbers to properly cite the case in your assignment. Make sure to follow the format for the assignment that is provided in the syllabus.


• Research Paper: Two case reviews are required that are 3 to 5 pages in length, 12 point font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins that follow the specific format outlined below.


The format for the Case Reviews:

Introduction to the Case: What is the case about? why is it important?

Facts: What are the facts of the case? be specific about what happened in the case, and the procedural history of the case. What happened at the trial court? the reviewing court?


Issue: What is the issue before the Court? Again, be specific. This should be a statement that clearly identifies what issue the court is addressing in this case.


Holding: What did the Court decide? Do not put "affirmed" or "reversed" as the holding. That doesn't tell me anything. What, specifically, did the court decide. In the case, usually the Court will use language such as "we hold that" or "we find that." The holding is usually toward the back of the case.

Rationale: Why did the Court decide the case this way? Was there a decent? A concurring opinion? How many Justices voted with the majority? what were the reasons that different judges felt differently about parts of the case?


Case significance: How did this case change the work of law enforcement or the criminal justice system? Why is it important that we study the specifics of this case?




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