The purpose of an argumentative synthesis essay is to PERSUADE your audience on the subject of identity, attitude, or performance of China’ middle Class. You will make your own argument on any one topic from the following (Talk to me if you have a different topic):

the immigration in China

For this assignment, you will need to develop an original opinion or position on your chosen topic.  This statement is your thesis, and is supported by your own evidence and reasoning, and by your analysis of the evidence and reasoning provided by the authors of your sources. 

As you write the Argumentative Synthesis, not only will you explain your own views, opinions, and position, but you will also be summarizing and responding to the ideas or works of the authors you are synthesizing. Of course, you need to be sure you properly document any paraphrased and/or quoted material according to MLA conventions.



The intended audience is college-educated adults who may not know about the issue or who may reasonably disagree with you on this topic.  




1) The final essay is 2000-2500 words (6-8 pages) long.  
2) You need a minimum of five sources (four of which have to be peer-reviewed scholarly articles, one of which could be a credible website).   
3) Use correct MLA documentation—in text citations and a Works Cited page
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