Resources: Group InfluenceAssignment
Write a 1,200- to 1,500-word paper incorporating your analysis with evidence to substantiate your conclusion.
TOPIC GROUP IS NA (Narcotics Anonymous) Must write as if you went to and observed a meeting. The meeting I went to was Auburn's American River Canyon Overlook Park Meeting. It was on Tuesday at 7PM. PLEASE DO NOT USE 1ST PERSON AT ALL. THIS MUST BE WRITTEN IN 3RD PERSON!!!! Must follow each detail in rubric! Three sources needed!
Points Earned / Possible Points: 0 /15
Group Influence Rubric
Paper (Due Week Four)
Percentage of Points
Actual Points Earned
Key elements are covered:
Obtain faculty approval of your selected opportunity prior to engaging in the opportunity or receive a three point deduction. May not be retrospective this must be a new experience occurring during the course of this class; it cannot be a work, church, or school meeting. This is not a personal experience or personal opinion paper. This is to be written as a scientific APA paper, providing practical application of the theories and concepts as it relates to the group's experience, and your observation of the group, not your experience.  Paper to be written in 3 rd person.
There is an additional 3 point deduction for not obtaining pre-approval, and 3 point dedcution for weriting in 1st person.
Resources: Group InfluenceAssignment
Write a 1,200- to 1,500-word paper incorporating your analysis with evidence to substantiate your conclusion.
Describe your setting by answering the following:
1. How were the people arranged in the physical environment layout of room and seating arrangement)?
A.  What is the composition of the group, in terms of
number of people, ages, sex, ethnicity, etc.?
B.  What is purpose, mission, or goals of the group? What is the duration of the group (short, long-term)?
C.  Did the group structure its discussion around an agenda, program, rules of order, etc.?  Explain items 1, A-C employing sources to support your ideas. (worth 1.5 point).
1. Who are the primary facilitators of the group? What were the group's norms, roles, or status hierarchy?  Employ sources, concepts, and theory to support your ideas. (Worth 2 points)
2. What communication patterns illustrated if the group was unified or fragmented? Explain using Myers and one additional source to support your idea as well as the concepts (1 pt)
3. Did the members share a sense of identity with one another (characteristics of the group-similarities, interests, philosophy, etc.)? Explain; In your opinion, how did the collective group behaviors influence individual attitudes and the group's effectiveness? Provide your overall analysis as it relates to Myer's and additional sources. (Worth 2 point)
4. Was there any indication that members might be vulnerable to Groupthink? Why or why not?  Explain how your observations relate to research studies on norm formation, group norms, conformity, and/or social influence. Integrate your findings with literature from the textbook, peer-reviewed journal articles, and additional scholarly sources. (Worth 1 point)
5. Provide in-text citations of 2 peers reviewed references in addition to Myers, to support your key points. (Worth 1.5 pt.)
6. Post the completed assignment as a Word document in the appropriate assignment section along with a copy of the Plagiarism Checker (turitin) report. Report can not be > than 20% match (Worth 1 point)
7. Submit the Certificate of Originality in addition to your assignment and turnitin report.
10 points
A clear and sufficient introduction and central theme/purpose are clear. Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow (including spelling, punctuation, and correct grammar). The subsequent sections support the central theme. The conclusion/recommendations follow logically from the body of the paper.
1 points
Citations follow APA guidelines. Reference page follows guidelines and is included. Paper is laid out effectively, uses title page, running head, reference page, appropriate margins, paging, headings (in paper) and attends to detail.
2 point
Readability and Style
Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Sentences are well constructed. Sentence transitions are used to maintain flow of thoughts. Words are precise and not ambiguous. Appropriate use of tone for content and assignment.
1 point
Rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling are followed and are correct.
I need an answer ASAP thanks for your time in this matter.
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