Organizational Policy to address an IT-related ethical issue (4-5 pgs)


Write an organizational policy to address this IT-related ethical issue: Should personal information be exchanged without consent of client/user?


For this assignment, you will write an organizational policy that specifically addresses that ethical workforce issue. There are many IT ethical challenges in the 21st century.


• Use the current ethical IT-related workforce issue you developed in the B –  1 Matrix; research its related organizational policy. Describe how your policy—the one you are writing for this assignment (What’s in it for me?  How/why?)—will help the organization and describe its positive or negative consequences


•Document any conflicts that may arise between organizational and personal ethical beliefs that this policy—the one you are writing for this assignment—may impose on you


•Does your organizational policy imply a commitment to ethical professional conduct of its members (e.g. code of conduct)?


•What happens when your policy is not followed?


Prepare a 4-5 page, double-spaced paper describing your thought process as you developed the matrix. This assignment requires a minimum of three external clickable references in APA format!




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