Organization Behavior - Solution J ONLY



Understanding group dynamics is one of the basic skills of any leader. In this activity, you will observe and report

on the dynamics of a working group in an organization and present the results to the group’s immediate supervisor

(professor). The results of the report will be used to by the supervisor to guide performance improvement. You are

to observe a work group in its natural setting. The group must consist of at least four members and you must observe

them for the duration of the entire meeting. The meeting must be at least 30 minutes in length. Take notes during

the meeting.


Your report must include:


Location of the group, how many people participated, their roles, the purpose of the meeting, the

topics discussed, etc.


An analysis of the group dynamics. Apply important concepts from the readings.

Which of these factors impede or support performance by individuals or groups in this


Performance improvement suggestions.

The report should be approximately 500 words.


When you are observing the group and writing your report for submission, consider the following:


What type of group norms exist? Are they negative or positive?

Is there team cohesiveness?

Is the group’s communication strong?

Who talks? For how long? How often?

At whom do people look at when they speak?

What style of communication is used (questions, assertions, tone of voice)?

What type of non verbal body language is used?

Who participates?

Are some members silent? If so, does anyone try to bring them in?

Are people interrupted when speaking?


Be sure to apply the concepts and theories that were discussed in the readings. The report should be between 3-5



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