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    Order Instruction: Please refer to attached files for more information and full details of the study. And think of the paper topics for the assignments. Thanks! 6 pages excluding cover page and references please. 1.2 way ANOVA 2.ETA Square 3.Pairwise Comparisons 4.Simple Main Effects Results Section a)Descriptives (n,x,sd) b)ANOVA (F) c)Post Hocs d)Simple Main Effects - Relationship between 2 lines. 2 simple man effect-empty stomach ->Normal weight eats most, full stomach ->Normal weight eats least. Discussion a)Discuss significant outcomes, one line at a time. (.05) b)Discuss non-significant (important) c)EV discussion/recommendations (Type of food) d)Conclusion - Overweight people - hypothalamus? biological problem? Significant Interaction -> Analysis of simple main effects 1)Effect of temperature on males 2)Effect of temperature on females Results 1.Descriptives (x,sd,n) 2.Graph 3.ANOVA Results Discussion Significant Effect 1.Interaction men - Heat affects Females and Males Differently Effects on heat depends on temperature -Temperature affects aggression depending on gender? -Gender affects aggression depending on temperature -Lowest Agrression -Highest Aggression 2. EV + Recommendations -> Future Studies Qns 2 -Will IV1 affect DV as a function of IV2 depending on? -How will IV1 affect DV in the different levels of IV2?
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