Open communication


The case analysis method is an excellent learning tool as well as an important assessment instrument. This method helps develop your ability to synthesize textbook material and various situational factors. You will analyze a series of cases during the course. You should be able to identify the issues and suggest solutions. A particular case may deal with issues or concepts that you have not yet reached in the textbook. In that situation, you are expected to research the textual materials to develop your analysis.


For this module, you will analyze the following article:

•D’Aprix, R. (2011). Cultivating a culture of open communication. Communication


Based on the article and your other readings, write a case analysis. Please include answers to the following questions in your analysis.

•What is open communication, and what benefits has it provided Cisco? .

•How do business leaders establish open communications? .

•Can open communication be the solution to every business? Why or why not? .


Also provided is an attachment of general instructions for case studies[PDF File Size 34.0KB]. Download and read it for more information on how to analyze a case.


Write your case analysis in a 4–6 page Word document. Follow the APA style for writing, editing, and citations.


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