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Part I, 4 pages or more

Today, many companies face budgetary challenges on a continual basis. Two critical aspects that businesses lack are effective control practices and monitoring. You have been asked by your manager of the Money Cares Investment Corporation, to outline problematic or risk areas in the company’s financial procedures. Upon reviewing the budget, you notice that there is overspending in marketing supplies, transportation, and workshop items that include hospitality items such as food and drink for the customers. Each investment specialist is given a company credit card for the above expenses but there are no policies established for monitoring. Money Cares is a small business of 8 employees: CEO, Financier, a manager, 3 investment specialists, and 2 clerical assistants.

For this assignment you must identify possible risks for the Money Cares Investment Corporation.   In establishing an investment company, you must answer the following

What could go wrong?

Identify at least 3 possible risks.

What must happen in order for the company to succeed?

What are the company’s most vulnerable areas?

Identify the company’s assets

Where is the most money spent?

How should the budget activities be regulated?


Part II, 3 Pages or more

You have been asked to speak to your local training and development group on individual development plans (IDPs). Specifically, you are focusing on the following:

How to create effective IDPs

How to evaluate IDPs

The importance of IDPs

Use the library, Internet, and course materials to research this topic and back up your recommendations for creating and evaluating IDPs.

Write the full text of your speech as a 2–3 page Word document with citations in APA format.

Use examples to demonstrate each area of your speech.

Use a variety of resources and cite them correctly.


You should feel comfortable using industry-specific language because you are presenting to other training professionals.

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