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First, make sure you read the brief description of Dr. Tracy's "Sunshine for Sun Devils"  project at ASU.

Second, reflect on the lecture notes on burnout at work.  Recall that a lack of positive emotional experiences is often a symptom of burnout at work.  What can we do about that?  

Third, the active creation of positive emotions is one way to combat burnout in ourselves and in others. So go forth and create some happiness at ASU (or another workplace) with an act of kindness, just as Dr. Tracy's student did.  Make sure your kindness is directed at a person or persons you don't know well.  Not your roommate or friend.

Fourth, write one paragraph describing your act.  What did you do?  For what person/s?   Given what you have read this week, how do you think acts of this kind would affect people at ASU or elsewhere?  How did it affect you?  If you know how your act was perceived by the recipients, share that information too.



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