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Please write a one-page reflection that briefly summarizes your work/learning in curriculum and addresses EQ 9 -- How do I reflect on my philosophy of curriculum ?and how does it have a bearing on my teaching?  100 point

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Essential Questions to be addressed in this course are:


1. What content is/should be emphasized or/and prioritized?


2. Who decides the content of an education? How and why?


3. How do we define the knowledge base in any discipline/subject area? Who determines and creates what is considered “knowledge?”


4. How do different philosophical orientations influence curriculum?


5. How does the idea of curriculum vary in different historical periods? 6. Where is the learner situated in the process of curriculum development?


7. Who are the other role players in curriculum development and why do they get involved?


8. How does curriculum align to objectives, instruction, and assessment?


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