Students should undertake one of the following projects listed below:-
1. ATM
2. Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
3. Comparative studies of wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
GPS, GPRS and others)
4. Comparative studies of Internet Technology (HTTP, FTP, SMTP,
Languages, Voice over IP, Internet telephony, VOD and others)
(please follow the include proper referencing, preferably Harvard
referencing techniques)
Final presentation:
The student will formally present his/her project to the Lecturer on the
submission date. You should only used electronic form of presentation
such as HTML or Power Point. Please attach the presentation slide to the
project. The typical duration of a presentation should be about 10 to 15
External examiners may also be invited to attend the presentation

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CNW201/Project guideline Page 1 CNW201 – Networks & The Internet Student Id: Centre Code: Student Name: Marker’s Code: Class Code: Project Due Date: Date Submitted: Country: Max marks Award marks A. Project Overview (Proposal –L3/L4) Introduction & Objectives 10 The history and the current technology 5 B. Protocols and Network Configuration 20 Protocols, Network topology and Architecture C. Technical Content 20 Applications area, Hardware, software, network, and etc. D. Implementation 20 Cost and Benefit analysis, summary and future development F. Documentation 10 Page numbering, Table of contents, Cover Page Project Completeness (without any missing parts) Project Layout (header, footer, cleanliness) E. References 5 G. Presentation 10 Total 100 CNW201/Project guideline Page 2 Instructions to Students: 1. The assessment criteria include: (a) Content of Work. This includes the amount of research done to provide accurate and credible information necessary for this assignment. (b) Creativity, Originality and Style of Work. This refers to the uniqueness and artistic element of the final assignment. (c) Presentation of the Final Assignment. This refers to the clarity, organization and final project. 2. Independent research on the relevant topic area is encouraged. Work that demonstrates an in-depth analysis of the question and that provides a coherent answer will be awarded a higher grade compared to that which simply regurgitates answers from the texts. 3. To avoid plagiarism please: · paraphrasing work rather than ‘cut & paste’ · include citation in your work · include a reference list in the work you submit Please note that your work will be submitted to detection software and if work is found to have been plagiarised, your work will be penalized. The following is a guide that will be used when penalising work: CNW201/Project guideline Page 3 Amount of plagiarized material Marks reduction No attribution made Inadequate attribution made Less than 20% No reduction No...

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