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 Kettner, et al. note there is a danger in stating a problem as a solution, because doing so can result in failing to understand the problem completely. Without a holistic view of the problem, a solution might not get at the core issue(s) that need change and results of the solution may be minimal or short term. For example, as an intern at Acme Behavior Consultation, Inc. you have been asked to join a team of consultants who are working with a preschool early intervention program. The program reports incorrect implementation of behavior modification strategies by teachers and an increase in student challenging behaviors across classrooms. 

For this Discussion:

1. Using what you have learned about applied behavior analysis in previous coursework; identify a potential solution for this early intervention program’s issues of incorrect implementation by teachers and increasing challenging behavior

2. Discuss briefly how focusing on that solution first could limit an effective program design and evaluation process


150 to 175 words on each question. 


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