need original answer please all 3 a,b,c by 7am




A.  Write a linear equation that describes the relationship between the two variables.

B.  State the y intercept and interpret it in the context of the problem. 

C.Using words, explain what the slope of linear means



1. In stable air, the temperature drop about 5degrees F for each 1000-foot rise in altitude. The temperature at sea level is 70 degrees F and a commercial pilot reports a temperature of -20 degree F at 18000 feet



2. After about 9 hours of steady 50-kont wind, the height of waves in the ocean was found to be 23 feet, and after 24 hours it was 40 feet.



3. If you have an annual income of 25000 the bank will loan you $74500 at 7.5% interest rate for 30 years. If your income is 55000 they will loan you 163900 .


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