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4) The table below contains data for country A for the year 2010.

Household purchases of durable goods


Household purchases of nondurable goods


Household purchases of services


Household purchases of new housing


Purchases of capital equipment


Inventory changes


Purchases of new structures




Salaries of government workers


Government expenditures on public works


Transfer payments


Foreign purchases of domestically produced goods


Domestic purchases of foreign goods



Refer to the Table above to answer the following questions.

a.     What was country A’s GDP in 2010?

GDP of country A in 2010 was $7253.

b.     What was country A’s consumption in 2010?


c.  What was country A’s investment in 2010?

d.   What were country A’s government purchases in 2010?


e.  What were country A’s exports and imports in 2010? What was the net export in 2010?

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