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Creative Activities for Young Children-Assignment


PART 1 Creative Activities to Enhance Multicultural UnderstandingFor this project, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation that addresses creative ways to integrate multicultural education into the curriculum, reduce cultural stereotyping, and enhance multicultural understanding.Before you start your project, read this web resource article, “Teaching With A Multicultural Perspective.”  ( According to the article, “Children’s attitudes toward their race and ethnic group and other cultural groups begin to form in the preschool years.” In terms of ethics, how can early childhood educators influence the development of positive attitudes toward all races, cultures and ethnic groups?Provide suggestions for parents/teachers on activities they could use to promote an understanding of other cultures in addition to their own. Be sure to identify the age range for which the activities would be appropriate. PowerPoint: The presentation should be a minimum of six slides in length, not including the title and reference slide.If you are unable to work with PowerPoint, you should create the same type presentation for the overhead using Microsoft Word. It should be a minimum of six pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Thanks, Attachments: preschool_activities_for_a_multicultural_theme.htm

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