Need help completing the final phase of this project I already have weeks 1-3 completed but I need week 4 and 5 added to my paper

  1. Week 4: Quality Tactics and the Logistics and Supply Chain Functions (300–400 words)
    • What tools are applicable internally
    • What tools are applicable externally with vendors


    Part 2

    Tasks for Part 2 will be completed in Week 5 and will be 250–300 words. The project deliverables for this week are as follows:

    1. Week 5: Roll-Out
      • Describe the process of rolling out this new company-wide quality initiative. Pay specific attention to the logistics and supply chain management functions. Include the following:
        • A communication plan
        • Recommended sequence of steps to get personnel trained
        • Stakeholders on board (e.g., the vendor base, trucking companies, warehouse personnel)
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