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In groups of ten students that will be randomly assigned by the Blackboard system, create individual blog entries that address the relationship between media and the Summer of Love. Each student must post at least two entries for this project: the first, which must be at least 250 words, should be based on one or more of the following questions; and the second, which must be approximately 50 words, should respond to the main entry of at least one other student in the group. Feel free to draw from the listening, reading, and video assignments, but these posts should reflect your own critical assessment of the topic--in other words, treat the following questions as prompts for a stimulating and well-informed discussion.

In what ways does mass media coverage (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet) impact the activities of countercultural communities?

How do different kinds of performance venues (basements, garages, clubs, concert halls, amphitheaters, etc.) affect social interaction at the event?

Do you believe the Summer of Love was essentially a healthy indication of a vibrant society, or was it simply the popular exploitation of an alternative lifestyle?

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