1. What is the best way to avoid misusing words in your business and technical writing?
A. Use only words you know.
B. Keep your sentences short.
C. Think in terms of your reader's likely vocabulary.
D. Make frequent use of a dictionary.

2. In the sentence "Although Harry was concerned, the report that he wrote was overwhelmingly approved," what word is the antecedent of the pronoun that?
A. Harry
B. report 
C. wrote
D. approved

3. In the most general terms, your basic objective in writing a business or technical document of any kind is to convey
A. a value. 
B. an idea.
C. meaning.
D. understanding.


4. In the sentence "Do you know whose book is lying on the conference room table?" which word is a preposition?
A. whose 
B. lying
C. on
D. table

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