Question 1
The mouse button should be released when dragging a file to a folder named PowerPoint Assignments, when the __________ message displays.
A. drop in PowerPoint Assignments
B. transfer to PowerPoint Assignments
C. move to PowerPoint Assignments
D. save in PowerPoint Assignments

Question 2
A(n) __________ folder is a folder that can be accessed by other computers on your network.
A. private
B. aggregate
C. public
D. grouped

Question 3
To create a new library, in __________, click Libraries, and then, click New Library.
A. the Navigation pane
B. the Organize menu
C. the Control panel
D. Windows Explorer

Question 4
The Start menu search box is NOT used to search for:
A. programs.
B. user accounts.
C. folders.
D. files.

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