1. What is your likely impression of the listener?
A. He’s interested in the conversation.
B. He’s confident and relaxed.
C. He’s nervous and uninterested.
D. He’s the higher-ranking person.

2. When you’re being criticized, it’s important to
A. listen carefully.
B. defend yourself.
C. interrupt often.
D. criticize others.

3. Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct?
A. Us students have a lot of work to do.
B. Please return the book to us when you’ve read it.
C. Who did you sell your old car to?
D. John is a better baseball player than me.

4. After listening to a five-minute speech, the majority of people, if asked, could accurately
repeat about _______ of the words.
A. 15 percent
B. 40 percent
C. 33 percent
D. 50 percent

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