A. Age
B. Education
C. Race
D. Social class

2. One survey of 1,000 major corporations found that

A. most maintained that electronic surveillance of their employees would be an invasion of privacy. B. few practiced electronic surveillance of their employees.
C. about two-thirds practiced electronic surveillance of their employees.
D. about half practiced electronic surveillance of their employees.

3. Regarding political economy, which statement is most accurate?
A. In authoritarian states like China, socialism coexists with capitalism.
B. The likely future mix of socialism and capitalism in America will depend almost entirely on economic conditions.
C. In the United States socialism is universally rejected in favor of capitalism.
D. Among major American institutions, only public universities have resisted the tendency to organize their functions in the manner of private corporations.

4. Which statement best characterizes a fundamental criticism of relative deprivation theory? A. Social movement activists may well be the least deprived people in a society.
B. Racist policies, job scarcity, and poverty nearly always spark social movements.
C. The most deprived people in a society tend to remain deprived year after year.
D. When some people are relatively better off than others civil unrest is a likely result.

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