more work on malala


i have a paper wtitten about malala but i got this feedback from the proffesor 


You have some very good material in this paper and the writing is clear.  The structure of the paper and flow of ideas are also good.  There is not much about her religious life, but you have tried to make some connections with class.  Overall it is a good paper, although the reader won't know that much about the specific things that she has done.


The paper needs a general introduction.  You start with that, but then give details.  A short introduction without details will introduce the reader to the topic of the paper. This is something to remember for the future.


You need two more academic sources.  You only have one. Your bibliography format needs to be corrected.  Also, the citations need page numbers.  These things cost you points.


This paper can be rewritten to correct any of the things mentioned above.


its easy work and i will pay a good price for it

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