Mobile Computing and Commerce

1. What are the main elements of wireless networks? What is the fastest wireless network and what is the slowest? Which wireless networks go the farthest and which ones are designed for the shortest distances.

2. What is a mobile portal and what are its main characteristics? Explain through a real-life example.

3. Identify and evaluate the middleware services needed for m-commerce.

4. What are the main differences between wireless and wired networks?

5. List five different applications of wireless LANs.

6. What are paging networks and what are their major applications?

7. What is the role of Mobile IP in wireless integration? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

8. What are the main problems in Wi-Fi security? Why is it a major concern and what specifically can be done to address these problems?

9. What is the main objective of business strategic analysis and why is it relevant to wireless systems?

10. Conduct a literature survey to find some commercially available wireless management platforms.



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