MKT/554 Individual paper week 1

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Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company Consumer Behavior Outline

You are the VP of Marketing Development for the TRIAAD Research Group, a full-service marketing research company. Your client, Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company, has asked you to prepare a proposal to conduct an in-depth study of consumer behavior to analyze the market for their new flavored cigarettes, using fruit and candy flavors. You must develop marketing strategies to attract 18- to 25-year-old customers. Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company has a $25 million advertising budget for the new product.

Create an outline of no more than 700 words. Over the next six weeks of this course, you will be developing this proposal. This outline provides the structure for the final proposal in brief sections. Address the following areas in your outline:

  • Introduction
    • Research both the competition and current information on flavored cigarettes. Based on your research, what is the current consumer perception of flavored cigarettes?
  • Project definition
    • Based on current information, what marketing strategies do you recommend?
  • Program objectives
    • List the objectives of the study, making sure you explain the connection between the research and marketing strategies and how knowledge structures influence consumer behavior and their decision making process.
  • Scope
    • Identify the scope of the research, geographical parameters, customer groups, or market segments to be studied. Using research, describe your prime consumer buyer and identify your target market’s demographics.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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