MGMT 410 Midterm Exam

1. (TCO 1) One of the implications of technology in HRM is

2. (TCO 1) All of these are workforce diversity characteristics, except

3. (TCO 2) Organizations are oftentimes looking for ways to reduce operation costs. One option that is considered is selecting a consulting firm to provide training programs, private staffing agencies to perform recruiting and selection activities, and a financial organization to handle benefits. This option.......:

4. (TCO 2) The ABC manufacturing plant has outsourced all HR functions for a group of workers. This is an example of

5. (TCO 3) A consequence of an employment practice that results in a greater rejection rate for a minority group than for a majority group is

6. (TCO 3) Under Title VII, the second defense against discriminatory charges is

7. (TCO 3) Which of the following laws extended leave for family matters?

8. (TCO 4) Reagan has worked for 22 years at a 20-employee branch of a large auto parts chain. Business has been very bad lately, and there are rumors of consolidation, reorganization, and even bankruptcy. What protection is Reagan given under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act?

9. (TCO 5) When a job analyst watches employees directly or reviews films of workers on the job, which analysis method is being used?

10. (TCO 4) Which of the following is not one of the guidelines for administering discipline?

11. (TCO 5) This job analysis method requires job incumbents to record their daily activities.

12. (TCO 5) Where does job analysis occur in the strategic planning process?

13. (TCO 6) Jane is the director of recruiting for a large corporation. Which of the following is a warning signal that her efforts are not effective?

14. (TCO 6) A good recruiting program is indicated by which of the following?

15. (TCO 6) Which is not a step in the selection process?

16. (TCO 6) Which of the following is a recruitment alternative that keeps employees longer than temporary employees and are employed by a firm.

17. (TCO 7) In the selection process, a background examination should occur after

18. (TCO 7) An activity included in pre-employment testing that creates a miniature replica of a job is alled

19. (TCO 7) Which option is designed to probe areas not easily addressed by the application form or tests?

20. (TCO 8) Which is not an on-the-job training method?

21. (TCO 8) What is an employee development method that involves exercises such as case studies, decision games, and role plays?

22. (TCO 8) Shannon is in line for a senior vice president position at a large hotel conglomerate. She has just received a letter appointing her to the national environmental task force for water and electricity conservation. What is happening to her career?

23. (TCO 9) Hector is a research scientist in a large company. He refuses to go to staff meetings but volunteers to attend conventions where he receives recognition for his accomplishments. He holds 17 patents (more than two for each year he has been with his company, and they are proudly displayed on his office wall), but will not work with his manager on quarterly goals. What is Hector's Holland vocational preferences type?

24. (TCO 9) Sarah has had continuous movement in performance and promotion. She now wants to be vice president of human resources by the time she's 34 to 40 years old. Her next goal is to be CEO by the time she's 55 after being VP. However, she seems to be just holding on to the VP position. She is at what career stage?

25. (TCO 9) Melissa prefers solitary work to large groups, asking questions rather than answering them, and making her own rules instead of following others. What Holland vocational preference model best represents her?

26. (TCO 3) Explain the need for equal employment opportunity laws in organizations. How has it impacted HRM? Defend your position.

27. (TCO 7) Explain the benefits of online recruiting.

28. (TCO 8) You have just been promoted at the BBB Company and now have the responsibility of the employee orientation program. What components should be covered in the program? Explain what would be covered in your employee orientation program.

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    MGMT 410 Midterm Exam

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