( *****Medical Coding Quiz 10 MCQ***** ) ( *****Medical Coding Quiz 10 MCQ***** )

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1. Which of the following is the correct set of coding guidelines that physicians are required to report?


A. ICD-9-CM codes for diagnoses and HCPCS codes for procedures and services

B. ICD-9-CM codes for diagnoses, HCPCS and ICD-9-CM codes for procedures 

C. Only HCPCS and ICD-9-CM procedure codes

D. Only HCPCS procedure and service codes

2. In a physician’s office, coding and billing is done for which of the following categories?

A. Only physician office services

B. Only services the physician perform in hospitals

C. Only services performed in outpatient centers

D. All physician services performed, no matter where the service occurred


3. A significant portion of the services that physicians provide are reported by _______ codes.


A. E     

B. V    

C. E/M

D. Q/T

4. Which of the following codes requires the use of modifiers?


A. ICD-9-CM procedures   


C. ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes

D. Varies according to the setting


5. Using two or more codes when one code would be sufficient to represent all services is an example of


A. unbundling.   

B. bundling.      

C. "Code Also."

D. inclusion.


6. A Medicare patient had a benign lesion measuring 0.5 cm removed from his back at his physician’s office. Which of the following codes iscorrect?


A. 17000        

B. 11400-57 

C. 11600-57

D. 11400






7. What is the proper modifier to use for referring to services performed by a physician who repaired a broken leg and a broken arm at the same operative session?



B. -59   


D. -77


8. Which code is appropriate for a radiologist’s report on a 23-year-old patient who had an X-ray of the left and right forearms?


A. 73090-50           

B. 73221       

C. 73090-LT, 73090-RT   

D. 73090, 73090-59 


9. How does a physician ensure that each laboratory test performed in his/her office is reimbursed?


A. Assign a separate code for each test

B. Report the appropriate panel code for the tests.

C. Make sure that each test is documented

D. Only order and report medically necessary tests


10. What is the correct code for IV infusion for therapy/diagnosis, administered by physician or under direct supervision of physician—up to one hour?


A. 96365  

B. 90779  

C. 90782

D. 90783




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