Medical coding and Billing Medical coding and Billing MCQ

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Medical coding and Billing 


1. When coding back disorders, which of the following conditions should always be considered for inclusion in the code?

A. Degeneration

B. Myelopathyn

C. Herniation

D. Arthritis

2. Laminectomy when performed with excision of herniated disc shouldnÂ’t be coded separately because this procedure is

A. a closure and inherent in the code.

B. an operative approach and inherent in the code.

C. an invasive surgical procedure.

D. never covered by third-party payers.

3. A code such as 733.13 can be assigned as principal diagnosis only when

A. the physician lists it first on the admission sheet with no other conditions.

B. thereÂ’s no underlying condition thatÂ’s being treated.

C. thereÂ’s an underlying condition thatÂ’s coded as secondary.

D. it has been ruled out as the secondary diagnosis.

4. Which of the following is the correct coding and sequencing—if applicable—for bilateral total hip replacement?

A. 81.51

B. 81.5

C. 81.51, 81.53

D. 81.51, 81.51

5. Codes from Chapter 11 refer to codes for

A. the mother only.

B. the mother and baby.

C. the baby only.

D. pregnancy conditions only.

6. The only circumstance for which code V27 can be assigned is on the

A. newborn’s record for birth in the hospital during the current episode of care.

B. newborn’s record to indicate birth on subsequent episodes of care.

C. mother’s record for delivery in hospital during current episode of care.

D. mother’s record to indicate delivery on subsequent episodes of care.

7. Which of the following scenarios would be assigned the code for normal delivery on the motherÂ’s record?

A. Live birth, full term, cephalic presentation with episiotomy repair

B. Live birth, full term, cephalic presentation, postpartum breast abscess

C. Live birth, full term, breech presentation, rotated by version before delivery

D. Live birth, full term, vertex presentation, low forceps

8. A scenario in which categories V30–V39 are assigned is once, as the __________ diagnosis to the __________ record at the time of birth.

A. principal, newborn

B. principal, maternal

C. secondary, newborn

D. secondary, maternal

9. A valid documentation for codes 764 or 765 would be physician documentation stating

A. gestational age as 35 weeks.

B. fetal growth retardation.

C. low birth weight for 37 weeks.

D. prematurity.

10. Which of the following are all category codes that could be assigned for acute-care hospitals?

A. V20, V29, V37

B. V27, V29, V33

C. V27, V29, V30


D. V33, V37, V39



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