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  1. Direct Materials Purchases Budget

    Marino's Frozen Pizza Inc. has determined from its production budget the following estimated production volumes for 12'' and 16'' frozen pizzas for June 2016:

     12" Pizza16" Pizza
    Budgeted production volume12,900 24,000 

    There are three direct materials used in producing the two types of pizza. The quantities of direct materials expected to be used for each pizza are as follows:

     12" Pizza16" Pizza
    Direct materials:
     Dough0.90 lb. per unit1.50lbs. per unit
     Tomato0.60 1.00 
     Cheese0.80 1.30 

    In addition, Marino's has determined the following information about each material:

    Estimated inventory, June 1, 2016650lbs.180lbs.360lbs.
    Desired inventory, June 30, 2016680lbs.170lbs.390lbs.
    Price per pound$1.1 $2.4 $3.3 

    Prepare June's direct materials purchases budget for Marino's Frozen Pizza Inc. When required, enter unit prices to the nearest cent. 

    Marino's Frozen Pizza Inc.
    Direct Materials Purchases Budget
    For the Month Ending June 30, 2016
    Units required for production:    
    12" pizza[removed][removed][removed] 
    16" pizza[removed][removed][removed] 
    Total units to be purchased[removed][removed][removed] 
    Unit pricex $[removed]x $[removed]x $[removed] 
    Total direct materials to be purchased$[removed]$[removed]$[removed]$[removed]
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