Math Assignment

1.  Solve the inequality  8x + 6 > 7

A. {x|x > 1}
B. {x|x > 1/8}
C. {x|x < 13/8}
D. {x|x < 1/8}
E. {x|x < 1}

2. This is the graph of which equation?  


A. y = 3x + 1

B. y = 2x + 1

C. y = 3x – 1

D. y = 2x - 1

Description: PracticeTest_clip_image001_0000


3. Choose the inequality that corresponds with the sentence ''Twice a number increased by four is less than the difference of three times that number and five.''

A. 2(x + 4) < 3(x + 5)
B. 2x + 4 > 3x - 5
C. 2x + 4 < 5 - 3x
D. 2x + 4 < 3x - 5

4. A travel agent surveyed 100 people to find out how many of them had visited the cities of
Melbourne and Brisbane. Thirty-one people had visited Melbourne, 26 people had been to Brisbane, and 12 people had visited both cities. Draw a Venn diagram to find the number of people who had visited:

aDescription: Melbourne or Brisbane

bDescription: Brisbane but not Melbourne

cDescription: only one of the two cities

dDescription: neither city

5. Twenty-four people go on vacation. If 15 go swimming, 12 go fishing, and 6 do neither, how many go swimming and fishing? Draw a Venn diagram and fill in the number of people in all four regions.


6. There are two letters C and D.  If repetitions such as CC are permitted, how many permutations are possible?

A)  1

B)  0

C)  4

D)  8


7.You have the assignment of designing color codes for different parts.  Three colors are to be used on each part, but a combination of three colors used for one part cannot be rearranged and used to identify a different part.  This means that if green, yellow and violet were used to identify a camshaft, yellow, violet and green (or any other combination of these three colors) could not be used to identify a pinion gear.  If there are 35 combinations, how many colors were available?

A)  5             

B)  7

C)  9

D)  11


8. The ABCD football association is considering a Super Ten Football Conference.  The top 10 football teams in the country, based on past records, would be members of the Super Ten Conference.  Each team would play every other team in the conference during the season and the team winning the most games would be declared the national champion.  How many games would the conference commissioner have to schedule each year?  (Remember, Oklahoma versus Michigan is the same as Michigan versus Oklahoma.)

A)  45

B)  50

C)  125

D)  14


9.A rug manufacturer has decided to use 7 compatible colors in her rugs.  However, in weaving a rug, only 5 spindles can be used.  In advertising, the rug manufacturer wants to indicate the number of different color groupings for sale.  How many color groupings using the seven colors taken five at a time are there?  (This assumes that 5 different colors will go into each rug, i.e., there are no repetitions of color.)

A)  120

B)  2,520

C)  6,740

D)  36


Use the addition rule to find the following probability:

10.  At De Anza College, 20% of the students take Finite Mathematics, 30% take Statistics and 10% take both. What percentage of the students take Finite Mathematics or Statistics?



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