Marketing Research and Promotion


Marketing Research and the Promotion of Customer Loyalty


Marketing research is a valuable resource that guides organizations' decision making. As noted in the Learning Resources, research is used to help organizations identify consumers' needs and concerns and then develop marketing strategies to address them.

For this Application Assignment, you will evaluate elements of marketing research related to a particular scenario. Also in this Application, you will consider the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and examine approaches to promote customer retention.


Prepare for this Application as follows:


For Section One: Marketing Research

Review the instructions for Chapter 6 Problem 6 on page 228 of Essentials of Health Care Marketing. In addition to considering how you will answer this problem, think about the marketing-research process. What elements of the marketing-research process described in Chapter 5 of the text would you recommend the organization apply in this scenario?


For Section Two: Customer Loyalty

Consider the following statement: “Although it is obvious that dissatisfied customers will certainly switch, it has been found that even satisfied customers will switch providers or suppliers. Satisfaction in and of itself is not sufficient” (Berkowitz, 2011, p. 236). With this in mind, think about the following questions:


Why are customer satisfaction surveys important for health care organizations?


What is the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?


How would you assess customer loyalty?


Why would this distinction be important for a health care organization as it considers its financial investments in marketing strategies? What implications does this have in terms of attracting new customers versus retaining customers?


What is the purpose of organizational branding?

Then write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following: 

Section One: Marketing Research

Answer the questions for Chapter 6 Problem 6 on page 228 of Essentials of Health Care Marketing. In addition, explain the types of additional marketing research you would recommend the organization conduct given this scenario.

Section Two: Customer Loyalty

 Analyze the distinction between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Also evaluate the significance of organizational branding and other aspects of marketing described in this week's Learning Resources. Explain how they relate to customer loyalty.








Pg 228 Chapter 6 Question 6

A new group of primary care physicians has decided to locate in a suburb of Washington, D. C.  After conducting some primary market research on the area, the group’s research firm has characterized the community as comprising boomers Gen-Xers, and a significant number of N-Gen white collar workers, all employed by high tech and consulting firms located in the outer belt that surrounds Washington, D.C. What are the implications of this market profile with regards to:

a.       How the office setting might be configured?

b.      How office scheduling and hours should be constructed?

Several of the group’s older partners have announced their intentions to retire At a recent meeting the group has decided it wants to bring in 5 new partners over the next 12 to 20 months.  The group hopes it can attract younger primary care physicians who are no more than 3 to 5 years out of training. In this way the group believes the group can continue to stay viable and grow, suggest a recruiting plan to attract this cohort of physicians.


Customer Loyalty Pyramid

7. Loyalty

6. Repeat Purchase

5. Satisfaction

4. Trail

3. Evaluation

2. Interest

1. Awareness

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